Water Treatment

Companies are increasingly turning to fabricate water filtration and treatment equipment for their operations. This can have a large impact on reducing the environmental footprint of their operations, maximize efficiency, as well as improving quality control over the production process. Our team has years of experience in fabrication and manufacturing of water and oil treatment and testing systems and gives us the advantage of creating sophisticated solutions that are tailored precisely to our customer's needs.

Fabricating metal equipment for the water treatment industry is a core competency of DY-Tech Inc.  Our proficiency in stainless and aluminum welding, certified welding capability, and full modern fabrication shop makes us the ideal fabricator for water treatment equipment components.

Clean water is a necessary component of a healthy life.  There are very smart and experienced people working at water treatment companies who design systems to remove contaminates and clean the water through engineering feats. These systems work to keep our environment clean and people healthy.  We at DY-Tech Inc. are honored and pleased to have a hand in helping in providing the vital resource of clean water to people and communities. Canadian and US suppliers of water treatment solutions for industrial and municipal applications rely upon us to fabricate and deliver the metal components and equipment needed for the job.

Custom Fabrication