Oil and Gas

DY-Tech inc provides professional metal fabricated parts to the petroleum industry in Canada and United States. Almost all the equipment that oil and gas industries use are produced through metal fabrication. Each metal part produced must have the capabilities to withstand a strong variety of elements. Equipment on oil and gas rigs need to be built with high-corrosion resistant metals to deal with the most severe environmental elements. That’s where our sheet metal fabrication and CNC machining thrive. 

Our capabilities to produce custom metal parts are top-quality. Each part we produce is handled with precision and professionalism to ensure the final part exceeds industry standards. We have produced many different metal fabrication projects for the petroleum industry and are not limited in our capabilities to cultivate the perfect sheet metal or plate metal structure. 

With an extensive array of metal fabrication equipment, DY-Tech Inc. has the capability to fabricate steel plate, red metals and other metal parts for excavation, drilling and other oil and gas processes, including parts for: