General Tolerances: For single planes or flat parts, +/- 0.010” on edge to edge, edge to hole, and hole to hole features; +/- 0.010” on bend to edge/hole features. For multi-planed bent parts, +/- 0.030” for hole to hole/edge, edge to edge, and over-formed parts; +/- 1 degree for bend angles.

Standard Lead Time: 4 weeks.


Sheet Thickness: 0.024” - 0.250” typical. We accommodate thicker or thinner gauges upon request.

Braking (Hydraulic): 8' length.

Punching: 3.5″ diameter hole capacity, or larger upon request.

Welding: Welded edges and seams, weldments, and assemblies.

Screen Printing: In-house screen printing of logo, diagrams, or text as small as 0.125".