Lawn and Garden

Lawn and garden care requires the right tools. From mowers and blowers to irrigation, landscaping and other lawn and garden machinery, premium, high-quality, durable metal parts add value to your equipment and give your customers the power they need to get the job done right. The lawn and garden industry has unique requirements for cosmetic and class A finishes. Types of stamped parts include mower housings, seat decks, engine frames, side panels, bumpers, and grills. Having experience running highly cosmetic stampings, we are very familiar with identifying and mitigating cosmetic requirements, like slugs, dents, and burrs. Likewise, we have familiarity with class A parts as well – from our equipment to your showroom floor.

DY-Tech Inc. works with you to design and fabricate the parts you need for your machinery – improving existing machinery or creating a prototype for a future model. Our sophisticated cutting, welding, bending, riveting and machining processes provide a part that's durable enough to stand the test of time. With DY-Tech Inc., you'll know your machinery is in good hands, and your customers will appreciate the enhanced quality of your products.


Planter boxes are our specialty. Our quality planters are always made from an appropriate type and gauge of material, are insulated to manage the often cold North American climate and come in a variety of finishes. If you’re like us and you loathe wavy stainless steel, cracked welds, chipped paint, and rust then you’ve come to the right place.